Thanks for reading my blog!!

God uses people to achieve his purpose. Several people who I didn’t know heard me speak at and event last year and came up to me to ask “If I had a blog?”. I said NO and had no plans to start one. I’m a journalist and write everyday so I had no interest in doing more writing. I ignored them and continued with my life.

I started the “Miss Irish blog” in November 2016  because the Holy Spirit told me too and I had to be obedient. I was on holiday in St Lucia in September 2016 for my birthday and I was minding my own business relaxing on the beach and listening to sound of the ocean when they Holy Spirit spoke and gave me specific instructions and one was to “start a blog”. I REALLY didn’t want to and I came up with numerous excuses why “someone else” would be better suited for this assignment but I was convicted so I had to start it and i’m glad I did.

It has been created to be a bridge between the Preacher and the People. We go to church and hear the Word of God every week and as we try by the Grace of God to put what we’ve learned into practice there are struggles along the way that no one seems to talk about. I will blog about those awkward issues and more importantly highlight what the Word of God has to say about it. I aim to use what I’ve learnt and experienced to share Jesus Christ and the transforming power of the Word of God to encourage, empower and ultimately to be a blessing.

The blog has officially gone global which is CRAZY!! God is faithful!! Its been sent to places that I can’t reach physically and it has been read in China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Afghanistan, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Norway, Luxembourg, Canada, the Dominican Republic, the United States and of course the UK. This isn’t about me!! I’m just a vessel that God is using and it for his glory!!!!!!!!

The plan is to write one or two blogs a month as led by the Holy Spirit.

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Feel free to share! You never know who needs to be encouraged.

I’m on Social Media. Add me on Instagram: stacy_irish and Facebook: Stacy Irish

“I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing,” Genesis 12:2

Miss I♥

Me on holiday in New York City!

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