#Heart Check


“But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear,” Isaiah 59:2

I have no idea what is going on but the Holy Spirit has been waking me up at 5am and giving me instructions. I woke up with the word ‘Iniquity’. I didn’t know what it meant so I looked it up.  It is hidden sin in our heart  which is manifested in the form of envy, jealousy, pride, perverseness, lust, un-forgiveness, malice, immorality, evil and wickedness and is the result of a hardened heart. It’s a dangerous sin as you could have the appearance of godliness and holiness to most people. It means you can be in church every week for years, serve in several ministries but STILL have inequity in your heart if left unchecked.

We tend to focus on visible sins such as sexual immorality, homosexuality, adultery, slander, drunkenness, fornication etc. People can openly or secretly judge these kinds of sins because they’re obvious for EVERYONE to see but I haven’t heard much talk of iniquity and those hidden sins that no one can see. It doesn’t matter if sin is hidden in our hearts or visible, its still sin.  As perfect our behaviour appears to “people” God sees our heart!!!

“If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened,” Psalm 66:18

The scripture above in Psalm 66: 18 says that if we confess the sin in our heart than the Lord will listen to us. This means we could be in a situation where we have been praying for several years and God has HEARD our prayer and wants to answer but has been unable to LISTEN to our prayers because of the sin in our hearts. This is POWERFUL!!! I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time to waste. When I pray, I need God to hear and LISTEN to my prayers and I don’t want any iniquity in my heart to stop God from listening. I’m not fussed about human approval or acceptance because people can ‘like’ you today and hate you the next. I just need my heart to be pure before God. None of us are perfect and perhaps we have had iniquity in our hearts but ignored it so the Holy Spirit woke me up early in the morning to remind ALL of us that we need to repent of any iniquity in our hearts. The good news is “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness,” 1 John 1:9.

When I think of iniquity I automatically think of King David in 2 Samuel 11. I encourage you to study this chapter!!! David was minding his own business, got up from his bed walked around on the roof of his palace and saw a woman named Bathsheba bathing. The Bible says she was “very beautiful and David sent someone to find out more about her” [2 Samuel 11:2].  The iniquity started with him lusting after a naked woman. What David should’ve done is RAN from the situation but he didn’t, he probably couldn’t stop thinking about her. He took it a step further and found out that she was married to a man named Uriah but that didn’t stop him. At this point his heart was hardened and he arranged for Bathsheba to come to his place and he slept with her and  she became pregnant.

David’s iniquity led to him committing adultery with another man’s wife and then he tried to cover it up by arranging for Bathsheba’s husband to go home hoping they would have sex to cover up the pregnancy that he was responsible for. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for him and Uriah didn’t go home to his wife so he arranged for him to go to war and had him strategically placed so that he would be murdered in battle.  David sent an letter and said: “Put Uriah out in front where the fighting is fiercest. Then withdraw from him so he will be stuck down and die,” 2 Samuel 11: 14. All this out started from the iniquity in David’s heart that was un-repented which lead to a multitude of other sins. Not only did he sin against himself but he sinned against God!!!

God is GOOD and wants to bless his children and reveal his glory in our lives. But God cannot listen to our prayers when iniquity is present in our heart. I have to pray regularly: “Give me a clean heart, Oh God and renew in me a right spirit,” Psalm 51:10. As we start a New Year this is a great time reflect and confess any form of iniquity known or unknown and God is faithful to forgive us because he loves us unconditionally [See The LOVE Test]. David committed adultery, lied and schemed to have a man murdered but God STILL used him in a mighty way and was described as a “man after God’s own heart” and he went on to write most of the Psalms.  God uses the imperfect and flawed person for his glory!! God had a purpose for David and he got off track and messed up but God’s purpose remained the same regardless. If God can use David than he can use YOU too.

Thanks for reading my blog and for the public and private messages you’ve sent me. Words are POWERFULL!!! Your encouragement and kind words have been such a blessing. I started the ‘Miss Irish blog’ in November 2016  because the Holy Spirit told me too. I REALLY didn’t want to and I came up with numerous excuses why “someone else” would be better suited for this assignment but I was convicted so I had to but I’d rather not. Its been three months and the blog has officially gone global which is CRAZY. Its been sent to places that I can’t reach physically and it has been read in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Afghanistan, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Dominican Republic, the United States and the UK. This isn’t about me!! I’m just a vessel that God is using and it for his glory.

Happy New Year!!! I pray that our heavenly Father will exceed your expectations in 2017.

Miss I♥

Me and Mrs Irish!!






7 thoughts on “#Heart Check

    1. Awww thanks for your encouragement sweetie!!! It means a lot. I’m still unsure about the whole thing tbh.
      I’ll tell my Mum, she is 67 and still
      says ‘She’s Hot’ which is hilarious.


  1. A good read Stace
    I’ve found it’s a rarity. People rarely pray for forgiveness – I think sometimes it’s considered a given i.e. “God has already forgiven me” or maybe we think we haven’t done anything bad, then we launch straight into what we need from God, when in fact this walk is a journey and we need forgiveness every step of the way.

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  2. Well written article Stacey. There was a sense of perspective with this because sin starts from within and then it takes on a physical form when it gets out of control. That is how powerful we really are. Thinl it and it is already conceived. That is how the universe works.

    When God gave us dominion in 1 Genesis 1:26-28 it was over everything earthly and spiritual we can control everything good or bad, fact is somethings we do which we know are wrong we actually like doing. Your heart tells you it wrong but your head say’s otherwise. It is better to flee than to be tempted: 1 Corinthians 10:14; 2 Timothy 2:22.

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