“Gucci Doesn’t Goes on Sale”


It’s that time of the year again!! Its coming up to SALE time!!

I work  in Mayfair, central London which is a 10 min walk from Bond street the home to designer shops and boutiques [For my readers in the United States, it’s similar to Fifth Avenue in New York City]. I shop on the High Street [H&M is my thing] I had time to kill so I went into several designer stores to have a LOOK at what they had on offer.  I asked a sales assistant in Gucci if they were having a sale  and not surprisingly she said: “Gucci isn’t having a sale”. You’ll  notice that watches and bags in Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Channel do not go on sale  since these designer brands  represent world class luxury and quality.

Designer stores do not have sales like High Street shops because they hold their name and value. When you know who you are and you know what name has been placed on you nobody can reduce your value.

Do you know your value as a Child of God? Do you seriously know who you are and how valuable you are? We have been purchased with a high price. God sent his ONLY son Jesus to die for our sins. Blood was shed so that we could be saved from death and destruction caused by our own sin. We are VALUBALE regardless of what we’ve done and whether we feel valuable or not!!

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, to proclaim the virtues of him who called you out of darkness into his marvellous light,” 1 Peter 2:9 AMEN

Sometimes we need to be reminded of who we are and whose we are. The Bible which is God’s word, his instruction manual and guide on how to live life tells us who we are to remind us. God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and as his children we are joint heirs with Jesus, sharing his inheritance with him (Romans 8:17).

His Word says that we are valuable, we are loved, we are blessed, we are accepted, we are forgiven, we are redeemed, we are complete in Jesus Christ, we are royalty, we are a friend of God, we are chosen, we are fruitful, we are anointed, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit, we are seated in heavenly places with Christ, we are Holy, we are healed, we are saved, we are exceedingly great, we are powerful, we are favour, we are peace, we are joy and we are prosperity. The list goes on!!

The sad reality is that as Children of God we sometimes do not know or forget how valuable we are so we reduce our value whether we are aware of it or not. People lower their value because they don’t know who they  are or whose they are so they settle when God has so much more.

Jacob worked for SEVEN years to earn the right to marry Rachel because he loved and valued her but they “seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her,” (Genesis 29: 20). He was then tricked and was given her older crossed eyed sister Leah and he pledged to work ANOTHER seven years for Rachel [SO that’s 14 years in total]. Get yourself  some popcorn and check out Genesis 29 and 30 there is so much drama its unreal.

I wonder if Rachel knew her value? When Jacob finally married Rachel she struggled to conceive and lived in a society where  women’s value was based on how many male children she had to ensure an inheritance could be passed on to several generations. My impression is that Rachel didn’t feel valued even though Jacob loved her.

In Genesis 30: 1 she  got desperate and frustrated and said to Jacob: “Give me children, or I’ll die.” It didn’t matter that he loved her more than her sister Leah who gave him SIX sons because Rachel didn’t value or love herself because she struggled to  have children.

We can sometimes find value in what we have ie the house, job, car, money or relationship rather than who we are as a person. But we are still valuable with those things and without them.

There was a time in my  life when I was young, naïve and ignorant to my value and I got into relationships  with people who shouldn’t have made it past hello for so many reasons. I look back and laugh and think to myself: What was I thinking?  I know better now after numerous mistakes and bad choices but at the time I thought it was “fun”. “So what if he was slightly shady. I can change him…right” or so I thought. How silly!!  Its not my job to do that. Only God can change a persons heart, mind and behavior. What a waste of time!!

Relationships/friendships that do not have a purpose are pointless. Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner? I had to learn the hard way and entertained foolishness.  So I’m telling you!! When your tempted to settle for less than God’s Best in ANY area of your life, please remember that  if “Gucci Doesn’t Goes on Sale” because it holds its value than you shouldn’t either. You’re far too precious to reduce your value for anyone.

If you have children, please don’t assume they already know this. Remind them of their value in Christ. Just in case you don’t know ‘you are beautiful’ and ‘you are loved’.

God loves you and he paid the price for you. He has good plans for your life and a purpose for you to fulfil. Get busy discovering and pursuing your purpose!

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well,” Psalm 139:14

God is faithful!!!!!!!!

Miss I♥



Kola, Linda, Ade and I at a Christmas Party in Central London in December 2016. Good times with AMAZING people!!














6 thoughts on ““Gucci Doesn’t Goes on Sale”

  1. Fantastic article Stacy!!! We all need reminding of this. When we’re struggling, wondering whether we add value to this big bold world, we can find solace in his word. Thanks for the reminder x Love you #fulfillingyourpurpose

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  2. Fantastic article Stacy! So true and to the point. This has opened my eyes as I know at times I have forgotten my value and it’s important to be reminded that we shouldn’t settle for less because God paid a very high price for our lives when he gave his ONLY son to die to save us!!
    May God continue bless this woman of God!!

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